Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Virtual Shut-In

If you are one of my many friends who have been wondering, "Where in the hell is Julia? Where has she gone?" and you can't even remember the last time you saw me, and my facial features are but a foggy memory to you now, well don't worry! I'm not lying in a pool of my own filth somewhere. I've just been sewing like a fiend! Felt has given way to cotton in this hotter part of the year. I made this dress, and showed Rachel how to make one too, which was the first time I had seen anyone in over a month. This dress is only one of about 25 things I've made lately. I'm thinking of featuring some of the items on a real crafts blog (as apposed to this one, which is entirely fake and full of lies and half-truths). I'll feel like less of a total recluse if my friends and family can see me through several internet windows. But that blog won't be up for awhile now-- I'm going on a roadtrip to the lesser-known parts of Western Canada at the end of this week, and I haven't even built my suitcase yet or knit my passport together!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Look at that expression on the face of the cat in the fish tent. It's like he's saying, "Is this some kind of karma payback nightmare, some strangely comfortable, machine-washable karma payback nightmare?" Being digested has never been so plush. And I'll bet the cat in the MC-Hammer-pants-print tent is beginning to doubt his heterosexuality, big time! See how one paw is placed coyly outside the flap, beckoning the cat in the adjacent cottage to "come hither." But sadly, the other cat's legs have been bolted to the floor for the photographer's convenience, and he can't come-a-courtin'.

I'm sure the mastermind at Simplicity who thought of these cat tents is going to be milking the cash cow real soon. I can't believe someone thought of this before I did! Yet again, I've overlooked opportunities in the burgeoning cat humiliation industry and sat at home in my "house outfit" making food I don't even plan on eating instead.