Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh, Pooh! Dairy Aisle Tragedy

Thanks to finance mismanagement or something else awful, my favorite yogurt is now gone. Folks, if you never tried water buffalo yogurt, then you missed out on a flavor sensation. It had the taste and consistency of ice cream and cheese cake, but, you know, healthier. Discouraged, but ever-committed to quirkiness in the face of all obstacles, I picked up some other non-cow yogurts to eat in its stead.

Here's the verdict:
goat yogurt-- a little zippier than cow yogurt, and a whole lot runnier. Not at all comparable to water buffalo variety.
sheep yogurt-- I don't know how else to put this: it tastes like sheep. Would only eat again to impress "daredevil" types.


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Mary Standish said...

Goat/sheep yogurt seems to be a consumption resort for survival. Any sort of milk that comes from the two animals are meant to keep a person's protein high...thus people who really just want yogurt for the sole enjoyment should not have to worry about sheep and goat yogurt!
Why does yogurt have to be so complicated these days?