Wednesday, March 18, 2009

J-Baby and J-Bird Confront Recession The Only Way They Know How

Trying to make a decent living during the recession proved to be too much for your favorite Romance Couple, J-Baby and J-Bird. We've left all of our worldly possessions (mostly tweed blazers and extension cords) behind and moved into this cave. It's only a little bit constantly moist. If you think about it, this really isn't any weirder than when friends you know from college start hopping box cars and living in filthy condemned buildings. We're just taking it a step further by eliminating all traces of humanity-- cutting out the middle man, as it were-- to live like either 1. Bears or 2. ascetic saints.

Follow our cave experience in a series of upcoming blog posts:
1. J-Baby and J-Bird Are Roughing It
2. J-Baby and J-Bird Don't Know What To Do About Food
4. We Miss Our Apartment
5. The Tension of Cave Life/Starvation Puts Strain on Our Relationship
6. Hello, Mom? I Thought Maybe I Could Move In For A Little Bit

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