Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh Canada, pt. 1

It is eye! I have been home from the Fredenburg Family Great White North Car Adventure for about a week now. I meant to post sooner, but I needed some time to recuperate from all the strenuous sitting and competitive tea and toast consumption, not to mention the fact that I probably lost 30% of my hearing from listening to Canadian NPR broadcasts too loud. "Don't stop the rock!" I have been known to say, just 3 decibels above a whisper. This relatively mild-mannered and pleasant trip was definitely the wildest time in my life.

Take, for example, our 2 camping experiences. After driving the lenghth of Vancouver Island, we got to Port Hardy and the cupboard was bare-- our hotel reservation was basically deleted. Mom was fuming-- her lips were slightly pursed! We decided, at 3am, to camp. 2 and 1 half hours to sleep-- not bad really, considering that I am usually awake at 6:30am to start brainstorming felt village patterns anyway! Here I am looking chipper in the tent. I offered to construct a tent myself out of yarn scraps and leaf litter, but my parents insisted on getting the real thing from some outdoors store instead. Amateurs.

Camping trip #2 had a little more planning involved. This time, we camped by the mosquito and gnat ridden shores of Lake Anahim, which was otherwise beautiful. And as it turns out, West Nile is totally not as bad as the media hype makes it out to be. More on this later. If you can't wait till later, check out my photos

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